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If you are a Buyer's agent for one of our short sale deals or simply an agent wishing to refer your client to us for a short sale then this page is for you!  If you have any additional questions please do not hesitate to contact us at your convenience.  Make it a great day!
Our Experience
Our team consists of real estate professionals with many years of professional local business and real estate expertise.  All transactions are supervised or handled directly by Sean Bonini, Associate Broker as we do not outsource any portion of our negotiations to 3rd parties.  All work is done by local people who live, work, and have a vested interest in our clients and in our market.
Our Results
Over 90% of our business is short sale deals and we close 'em!  The average agent can close about 15-30% of them but with our system we get the deals done cleaner, faster, smoother, and sooner!
Our System (In a nutshell)
Before we even take a short sale listing we interview our client extensively to make sure that they are committed to this transaction.  We then require our client to complete their Financial Package direct to our specifications.  We then prepare all the listing paperwork and list the property.
Upon receiving an offer on the property, we submit the offer to our selling client for their approval or counter.   It's very important to understand that we are looking to  accept only one contract to work with the bank on.  Although we may take backup offers on a property, we only submit one deal to the bank at a time.  We are not looking for buyers submitting tons of offers around town; we are looking for one committed buyer willing to get this deal done!
Upon sellers acceptance we send the deal to the bank and thus begins our negotiation stage which usually lasts around 60 days or so.  Some banks are as long as 90 but usually we can get them through quicker.  Once we receive the Agreement Notice from the bank your buyer then has 21 days to close. 
Some short sale questions we hear...
How much is owed against the house?
Honestly, this question doesn't really matter.  The bank is more concerned about the market value of the home and how much they are "netting" from the deal.
How do you know the bank will accept our offer?
We dont...but if your offer is pretty close to fair market value then there is a much better chance of us negotiating the deal to close. 
How long does the Short Sale process take?
We are seeing days from contract to close average about 75 with some short sales a little more and some short sales a little less.

I have a client who wants to short sell their home but I dont do short sales..can I refer them to you?
Absolutely!  We work with our agent friends in the market from all different brokerages.  We're happy to help your clients get the deal done and pay you a healthy referral fee as well!   You can send us your referrals by completing the form below! 


Use the box below to enter your contact information and please put the property address & client's contact information in the box.

We'll email you our referral paperwork and contact the client immediately. 

Thank you for your business and together we can change this market for the better!

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