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It is important that you understand all of your options if you can't make your mortgage payment or simply choose not to.  Here are some answers to the most frequently asked question that we get:

What are my options if I can't or dont want to pay my mortgage?

1.  Sell your home -- If you have any equity in your property then we can help you sell your home.  There are lots of buyers out there who are willing to pay a fair market price for property.

2.  Refinance -- If you have equity in your property but don't want to sell then maybe you can refinance the house.  You will probably need over 20% equity in the property, sometimes more or sometimes less depending on the location, condition, etc. 

3.  Forebearance agreement or loan modification -- If your hardship is temporary and you just need a few months to get back on your feet then you may be able to negotiate a forbearance agreement with your lender.  Usually the back payments that you missed are added to the balance of the loan, along with any late fees.   A loan modification may help lower your interest rate a little or possibly (in rare cases) your lender will do a small principal reduction.   Statistics have shown however that even with an approved loan modification more than 50% of people end up in pre-foreclosure or short sale status because the monthly dollar amount saved is usually very little.  Only licensed brokers or attorneys are allowed to do loan mods and be wary as this business is full of scam artists looking for a quick buck.

4.  Foreclosure -- It's tempting to feel overwhelmed and just walk away from the house and the headache and just let them foreclose but DONT DO IT!!  A foreclosure is very serious and is one of the worst things you can have on your credit history, not to mention it can come up during employment applications, future home purchases, etc.   Learn all of your options and take a little time to plan for you & your family's future.

5.  Short Sale -- If you dont have any equity in your property then a short sale may be the solution to your problems.  We specialize in negotiating short sales with the banks and here's the best part - There are no out-of-pocket fees to you for our services!!!   We are happy to discuss your situation on the phone and help you explore your options.  Call us today for your no obligation consultation at (480) 241-4406.


All of our consultations are FREE!  We do not charge you to talk to you about your situation.  Contact us today for your NO-OBLIGATION, NO-PRESSURE, FREE consulation and we'll give you our advice and let you know what you can do to improve your situation.

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